Saturday, November 12, 2011

CONGRESSMAN TERRY FLIP-FLOPS AGAIN: Lindstrom’s answer to the federal deficit problem

Omaha, Ne  (November 12, 2011)—Once again, Congressman Lee Terry has inexplicably flip-flopped on an important issue.  This time it is in regards to getting our country’s unsustainable spending under control. In a recent letter to Congress's "super committee," he called for a litany of damaging tax increases to get our financial house in order. It is inexcusable that this call comes just a few months after he voted to increase the federal deficit without addressing meaningful spending cuts. It was then that we had the best chance to truly rein in excessive government spending. We conservatives pleaded with our representatives in Congress, including Congressman Terry, to stand strong against Democrats and to vote against a debt ceiling increase until out-of control government spending was addressed. Instead of holding strong and fighting for conservative values, he once again folded and is now pushing the responsibility off onto someone else. 

Right before the critical debt-ceiling vote, Congressman Terry stated that a balanced budget amendment was crucial in order to get his vote for the increase. This amendment did not make the final cut, yet Terry voted to raise the debt ceiling anyway. Moreover, the final deal that did pass failed to address the spending cuts that the credit agencies stated were necessary to avert a downgrade. Only after his vote resulted in the downgrading of our credit rating for the first time in American history and the super committee was formed did Terry push for the needed spending cuts.  

When asked to comment on Mr. Terry's recent actions 2nd Congressional District candidate Brett Lindstrom stated, "The real way to get our fiscal house in order is to seriously address welfare reform and stop using programs like Social Security as a slush fund without replenishing what was borrowed. We also need to end government bailouts and remove the term 'too big to fail' from our vernacular. I applaud those groups that have had the courage to question Congressman Terry's so-called conservative values. I have consistently shown that I am the principled, steadfast conservative leader needed to replace Lee Terry in Congress. I have not backed down when questioned by those who support Congressman Terry, and will always put Nebraskans first even if that puts me at odds with the Republican Party base. I am a problem-solver. America is in the midst of a very large and real fiscal problem and I have the tools necessary to solve it. I can make a difference now and that is what I intend to do. When elected to Congress, I will provide the consistent conservative leadership the voters of Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District deserve." 


Brett Lindstrom is challenging Congressman Lee Terry for the Republican nomination in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.  Brett is a financial advisor from Omaha where he lives with his family.  For more information please go to