Monday, June 27, 2011

GOP opponent challenges Terry leadership

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Brett Lindstrom (courtesy photo)

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Brett Lindstrom, an Omaha financial adviser and former Husker quarterback, stepped into next year's 2nd District Republican congressional primary race Wednesday with pointed criticism of Rep. Lee Terry's leadership qualities.

"For the past 12 years, Nebraska has not been represented by a strong leader," Lindstrom said.

During his six terms in Congress, Terry has "only been able to pass one single piece of legislation, which renamed a post office in Omaha," he said.

The Omaha congressional district needs "fresh ideas, energy and leadership," Lindstrom said.

His candidacy follows on the heels of a 2010 primary challenge to Terry by a tea party candidate who got 37 percent of the Republican vote. After defeating Matt Sakalosky in the GOP contest, Terry easily won re-election in a match with Democratic nominee Tom White.

Lindstrom, 30, who lettered as a backup Husker quarterback in 2003, said too many politicians "have stood idly by, watching our nation's problems escalate" without providing leadership or fresh ideas.

"Americans will no longer tolerate bipartisan bickering, political posturing and being placated by empty promises in an attempt to get their vote," Lindstrom said.

On his campaign website, Lindstrom suggests the United States needs to be more prudent in determining when it should engage militarily, make trillions of dollars in long-term spending cuts, preserve Social Security and help control health care spending with medical malpractice reform.

Lindstrom identifies himself as a pro-life advocate.

On foreign policy, he said, "We cannot financially shoulder the burden of all international conflicts. We can no longer afford to pay for the lion's share of the world's issues."

Terry is expected to seek re-election.

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